PulsePoint Digital Health Forum

Radical Health Personalization: Where Medicine, Machine Learning and Media Converge

October 30, 2018
New York, NY

Hosted by: PulsePoint

Programmatic technology, patient centricity, machine learning, GDPR and big data - healthcare marketing is scrambling to keep up with change at every level. If we get it right, we will speed cures to market and enable consumers to be active participants in their healthcare. If we get it wrong, we will continue to enable a broken global healthcare system.

In this exclusive event we will separate the buzzwords from the reality, explore provocative topics and provide a forum for crowdsourcing tangible solutions. We’ll cover:

  • How storytelling and tech disruption will accelerate change in healthcare marketing

  • Is content marketing the X factor for patient centric engagement?

  • Can we leverage the power of content marketing to engage patients in clinical research

  • Activating data for public good