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The Future of Healthcare:
Humans and Machines Partnering for Better Outcomes

We live in a world where data can help us make more informed decisions about how to navigate traffic, who to date, what to buy, who to network with and how to better manage our finances.

But when it comes to our personal health and wellness, we have no roadmap. We need something to show us where we are in terms of our health, with landmarks for risks and opportunities. A GPS that makes it easier to move toward our personal health goals. A new way to look at health and life.

The future of healthcare is coming. This is what it looks like.

Book reviews:

“Dr. Fombu has laid out how the convergence of connected tech devices, big data, AI, the healthcare innovation community and increasingly empowered patients will determine our healthcare landscape for some time to come” - Dacia Bryant, RPH, CDE

“An easy understanding of health and technology. It catches your interest very quickly. I recommend that people should read this and learn a lot.” - Amazon Reviewer

“Five out of five stars. Must read!!! Enthralling, smooth read; Easy to understand. A breath of fresh air and hope much needed today, in a climate where the discussion of healthcare seems ever polarizing. This is an apolitical dissertation of the current ill fated system set on the path to solution, thanks to the integration of technology. Very well done!!!” - Henleroc



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