Past Event

2019 Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference

The Constellation Forum 2019

September 4-5, 2019
Vail, Colorado

Hosted by: Colorado BioScience Association

The Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference returns to Vail, CO September 4-5 2019 to bring together leading investors and strategic partners from across the U.S. and the region's top life science companies to cultivate partnerships and source investment opportunities in the areas of medical device, diagnostic, biotech, pharma and digital health.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence. Machine Learning. Along with Blockchain, you can’t attend a healthcare gathering without hearing those words. AI/ML are seemingly being applied to every part of healthcare from discovery to delivery to marketing. The Triple Aim is what we strive for in healthcare: to decrease cost, improve the patient experience and increase quality of care. How will AI/ML help us achieve those objectives where other tools can’t?

Pharma Digital Marketing & Design Thinking Summit

Join your peers and build a roadmap to enhance your digital strategy and develop a better customer experience. Learn how you can enhance the patient journey through partnerships with payers, providers and pharmacies, how data and technology can aid with decision making, and how design thinking and behavioral-science approaches can help define the user experience.

2018 World Medical Innovation Forum

The World Medical Innovation Forum is a global gathering of more than 1,000 senior healthcare leaders in the heart of Boston. It was established to respond to the intensifying transformation of healthcare and its impact on innovation. The Forum is rooted in the belief that no matter the magnitude of that change, the center of healthcare needs to be a shared, fundamental commitment to collaborative innovation – industry and academia working together to improve patient lives.

Disrupting the Status Quo in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are changing—and changing rapidly. From greater patient involvement, integration of cost-effectiveness considerations in trial design, increasing pressure to make drug available faster, and inclusion of new sources of data, there are new opportunities to collect, curate, and integrate more data and new sensibilities. But, these new opportunities also represent new challenges for supporting clinical trials in general—integrity of new data, relevance of new sources, applicability, noise versus signal, and the overall challenges of managing a greater variety of data in a complex environment.