machine learning

Machine Learning Made Easy: What it is and How it Works

Machine learning is the process by which a machine learns something. The end.

Only joking. We’re going to dig a little deeper than that, but it does go to show how simple the basic concepts of machine learning can be. In this article, we’re going to make machine learning so easy that a child could do it. That’s why we’re going to use LEGO.

The Power of Healthcare Data and Why We Need Decentralization

It’s no coincidence that in both my book and in this article, I’ve started talking about data by using a quote from Sherlock Holmes. The world’s most famous consulting detective used the data he gathered in each of his investigations to arrive at a conclusion, and he was doing this as far back as 1887. We all create huge amounts of data on a daily basis, and yet none of this makes it into our health records. Today’s healthcare system, then, is much more Dr. Watson than Sherlock Holmes — and it’s a Dr. Watson who’s trying to theorize before he has data.